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First Wedding Dance Etiquette

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

What Is The First Wedding Dance Etiquette?

The first dance should be your chance to spend time and bond with your spouse. If you have a particular song in mind for your first dance, a professional ballroom dance teacher will be able to give you ideas for the best type of dance to complement it and they’ll also teach you the choreography. You will truly want the song and the dance to be a significant and memorable part of your special day. Your dance teacher can suggest steps that naturally relate to the tempo and style of your track and they’ll be experienced enough to tell you how to structure your first dance from the beginning to the end by implementing your ideas and vision. In fact, the wedding dance should be a place to let all of that go and just have a great time together.

What style should you choose?

You should choose any dance style you’re comfortable, be that a Slow Waltz, the Salsa or a funky pop routine. If you choose a slow dance or a basic waltz it’s very traditional, but there’s not mandatory for a first dance. There is no requirement about the dance style a couple should perform. If you’ve already chosen the song you wish to dance too, however, your style of dance will depend on its tempo. With the correct professional guidance from your dance teachers you can adjust the dance routine to match the exact tempo of your song.

Many couples today choose fun dance songs for the couple’s first dance together. If a fun, cool dance song fits your personalities, then making light of the first dance could be a very exciting experience. If you’re really adventurous, why stick to one style of dance? You and your new spouse could pull off a mash-up of different styles of music and different songs. However, make sure that you are both on the same page, because you want it to make you create a nice memory and you smile every time you look backwards and remember it.

Do you need to take ballroom dance lessons?

That said, ballroom dancing is gaining more popularity amongst couples preparing for their first dance together. More couples than ever are choosing to take dance lessons prior to their wedding. There are many dance schools that specialize in pre-wedding lessons, and often provide packages designed to get you in shape for your first dance, with plenty of first dance tips and advice. Taking few ballroom dance lessons is not only going to help you prepare for your first wedding dance but it will remind you of some general rules about etiquette. Learn the basic rules of proper etiquette that apply to all areas of life. If you know these, you are ahead of almost everyone else. Remember that everyone has a better time when the guidelines are followed.


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