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​Would you like your son or daughter to learn how to treat others with respect, possess good manners and poise?  The ballroom dance style is growing in popularity among today's youth, due to the highly televised dance shows such Dancing With The Stars and So You Think You Can Dance.  The ballroom dance industry encourages a combination of athleticism and art by hosting DANCESPORT children's and youth competitions.  PRO/AM showcases and competitions are also available for kids of all ages.  


At IMAGE BALLROOM DANCE ACADEMY, we are dedicated to developing young talent.  Children are the future, and we want to preserve the beautiful art of ballroom dancing for as long as possible.  Private lessons are available for children of all ages and no partner is needed.  As part of the children's dancesport program, a special goal and plan of action will be developed for each student to encourage hard work and motivation. Our talented instructors wholeheartedly enjoy teaching kids, and special care will be given to each individual.


For those with a restricted availability and a hectic schedule, private lessons offer a flexible way of finding time to dance.  Our professionals are available 7 days a week, so that any schedule can be accommodated. 

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Youth Ballroom Dancing in Dallas Texas
Youth Dance FAQ

We have been going to their studio for about 8 months now after moving to Texas from California. We are delighted to have found great instructors that clearly care about making our kids the best dancers they can be.

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Balroom Dancing in Dallas Texas

private lessons

Every person is different and we treat you accordingly. Our dance instructors will help you set goals and show you how to achieve them based on your current level whatever that may be. 

Youth Dance Lessons

In Ballroom Dancing like in everything else we often use the phrase “repetition is key”. Here is the thing, if you ever want to be good at anything you have to work on your skills. Talent is important and we believe that some people may have natural gifts that give them a head start but still, the persistent ones end up becoming great dancers.

Image Ballroom Dance Academy's instructors are passionate about dance and helping people learn how to enjoy partner dancing more. We offer ballroom dance lessons, wedding dance instruction, and private dance parties. Dance styles we teach include Cha Cha, Salsa, Rumba, Swing, Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango. Sign Up Today for your first dance class with us.

Ballroom Dancing For Kids
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