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Dance Lesson Gift certificates in dallas

Experiences result in longer-lasting happiness

Over time, people's satisfaction with the things they buy decreases, whereas their satisfaction with experiences over time increases. Experiences provide better memories.

So, when you’re doing your shopping this season, spare yourself the task of canvassing stores for presents that might be forgotten in less time than it took you to find a parking spot at the mall. Give the gift of an experience instead

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Gift Certificates Available

Ballroom & Latin Dance Lessons

Adult Certificates Available

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Give the gift of dance to somebody you love. Experiences last forever and don't go out of style.

If you don't know which experience to choose, don't worry- you can always give an open ended experience.

Youth Certificates Available

Wedding Certificates Available

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Would you like to gift dance lessons to a youth student?  We offer gift certificates, custom in value, which the recipient can use for any youth dance services at the studio.

Contact us today to find out more about our gift certificates.

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Do you want to make your first dance memorable and extra special?

Private sessions where your instructor will create a special choreography with exciting moves and dance patterns.

Each session is 45 minutes in length and can accommodate up to 2 clients. 

Gift certificate for private dance lessons or group dance classes at a ballroom dance studio in Dallas, Texas. Ideal surprise gift for friends and family who enjoy dancing.
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Gift Certificates FAQ's

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Who would benefit from this dance lessons?

*Couples preparing for their wedding tell us that dance lessons were the best part of wedding preparation. It gave them specific times every week where they had to put everything else aside and just focus on each other.

*Already married couples tell us that, in addition to picking up a new skill, learning to dance is the best couple’s therapy they’ve ever had.

*Dating couples say that learning to dance is a great way to create deeper bonds with their partner.

*Singles say that dancing opened them up to new social circles and improved confidence and self-esteem.

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Can I purchase a gift certificate for group classes?

Absolutely! While private lessons are without a doubt the best way to learn to dance, learning for some people is secondary to socializing, in which case we’d recommend group classes.

In Ballroom Dancing like in everything else we often use the phrase “repetition is key”. Here is the thing, if you ever want to be good at anything you have to work on your skills. One of the best way to enforce that rule is in a group class setting where other peoples presence keeps you accountable.

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Are gift certificates for individuals or couples?

Our private lesson gift certificates are redeemable for up to two people each lesson. Essentially, when you purchase a private lesson, you are requesting the time of one instructor who will work with either an individual or a couple. The recipient can choose to come alone or with a partner.  

Group class gift certificates can be purchased for individuals or couples.

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How to redeem the certificate?

Once your friend or loved one receives your gift, they can call us right away to schedule lessons.

All they have to do is call us or email us and we’ll take care of the rest. It’s as easy as that!

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Are gift certificates good for learning a first dance?

How many times have you gone to a wedding and felt pretty underwhelmed by the first dance? Avoid the “high school sway” and get some dance lessons! Whether this is a gift for your own fiance or another couple, know that you’ll be doing them a huge favor by gifting them some hours with a wedding dance professional.

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What services can gift lessons be used for?

If you’re not sure what style of dance you or your giftee want to learn, we will help guide you/them through the process. Oftentimes, your favorite music is a great place to start exploring because dance is all about moving to music that inspires you.

Maybe your girlfriend continues to ask you to take her salsa dancing. Maybe your husband has long dreamed of waltzing with you at a black tie event. Maybe your parents have always wanted to learn to dance together and now they’re retired and have the time. With our gift certificates all this scenarios can come true.

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