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AUGUST 2024 group dance classes

Group Dance Classes or Private Dance Lessons? Which Are Right for You?

Beginner dance classes are an excellent opportunity to learn how to move your body, find your rhythm and learn dance moves that you can use at a wedding, club or anywhere you wish.

However, when you go to sign up for adult dance lessons, you might not know what type of class to join:

  • Group classes

  • Private dance lessons

And there’s no easy answer for recommending which class is the right choice for you. Ultimately, the choice is yours. But we’re going to explain the main difference in the types of classes you can join so that you can make an informed decision.

What to Expect from Group Dance Classes

We offer a wide range of group dance lessons that are planned out and scheduled in each month. You can view our current class schedule here.


What you’ll notice is that there are a lot of dance styles that we cover.

And this can be beneficial if you have no idea what type of dance you actually like.

When you register for group dance classes, you’ll find that they’re great for:

  • Socializing and meeting new people

  • Learning an array of dance styles

  • Staying in shape and having fun

However, when you find a dance style that you like, it can be a week or two or more before it’s back on the schedule.

Group lessons are also less personal, although we try to do our best to help every dancer in the room. Unfortunately, we can’t provide the same level of instruction and one-on-one help with group classes as we can with private lessons.

What to Expect from Private Dance Classes

If you’re truly serious about learning how to dance, transitioning into private dance lessons is a good option for you. Often, people will find that they really like group dance classes, but they lack the personal attention and focus on the dance styles that they prefer.

You may not want to learn the Cha Cha, but in group classes, the lessons aren’t specialized.

When you join private lessons, you benefit from a few things:

  • You can choose the dance styles you want to learn

  • You'll focus on your dance strengths and weaknesses

  • We provide individual attention and guidance to help you learn to dance faster

For us, we believe that private dance lessons offer the attention a person needs to really learn how to dance. As an example, if you’re practicing dance for your wedding, private lessons are going to be much better suited to your needs than group lessons.

If you just want to socialize and have fun, group dance lessons are the right choice.

Are you not sure whether you should join in on our group dance lessons or private dance lessons? We've created a new package that combines both into one low-cost option.

Click here to start your dance journey today.

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