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Private Dance Lessons in Dallas, Tx

Private dance lessons offer you the chance to master the art of dance with the help of world class instructors, some who have won on the national stage.

We help you learn the fundamentals, body mechanics – and advanced skills – to begin dancing with confidence. 

Private Dance Lessons for All Skill Levels

We're here to help you reach your dance potential with personalized feedback and technique improvement to fit your goals. We offer:

Solo Dance Lessons

One-on-one classes, lasting 45 minutes and hyper-focused on you. If you want to improve faster under our expert guidance, these lessons allow for tailored dance instruction that is based on your:

  • Skills

  • Goals

  • Needs

  • Schedule

We offer solo – or couple – private dance options seven days a week and will work with you to find the perfect time to level up your dance.

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Student Competitions

Ballroom dancing competition American Smooth International Standard dance couple in frame waltz tango foxtrot

Do you thrive in competitions? Or would you like to challenge yourself?  We do.  Our talented instructors compete on the professional circuit all throughout the world, facing the best ballroom couples the industry has to offer.  

Now, there is a way for professionals to compete with their students against other couples in the same categories.  Similar to a showcase preparation, the instructor becomes your partner for the competition.  After developing numerous dances and choosing your style for grooming, you have the opportunity to travel to exotic destinations such as Hawaii, Caribbean islands, Europe and many more places all over the world where pro/am competitions are held.   

Immerse yourself in the world of glamour, while challenging your mind, body and spirit. 

Pro-Am Showcases

Love watching Dancing With The Stars?  Well, here's your opportunity to be the celebrity.

At IMAGE BALLROOM DANCE ACADEMY, one of our instructors becomes your personal partner, who develops a professional, original choreography filled with costume ideas, music and theme, just for you. After a thorough process of rehearsals one-on-one, you will then participate in a showcase hosted by IMAGE BALLROOM DANCE ACADEMY.  Events at our academy are extremely popular among the Dallas dance community, therefore you get to perform in front of an enthusiastic and supportive audience.

Custom Private Classes for Weddings

Wedding dance choreography

Small, private groups of more than two people are available for wedding parties. We accept small groups and are willing to block off our entire studio to help your party look like dance professionals at your weddings.

Due to the logistics involved in private dance lessons for weddings, we do require you to contact us well in advance. We’ll be happy to discuss your options with you.

Want something less serious?

We offer date night dance lessons, perfect for couples who want to find their rhythm together and want to try something new on their next date night. If you’re looking for a memorable night, we’re happy to help.

One lesson will only bring you so far. You can keep mastering your dance skills with continuous lessons at IMAGE BALLROOM DANCE ACADEMY. We find that somewhere around the 10-lesson mark, students have their “breakthrough” moments and see substantial improvements.

What Skills Will You Learn in Our Private Dance Lessons?

Whether you’re looking for private beginner dance classes or help with your wedding dance choreography, our private lessons will help you develop fundamental dance skills, including:

  • The roles of leading and following

  • How to identify and follow the beat in a variety of music styles

  • How to communicate with your partner using body movements and cues

  • The theories behind ballroom dance styles and how you can apply them to improve your form and technique

  • Most importantly, you’ll gain the confidence to dance in any social setting

Advanced students or those looking to compete may have different goals and skills that we can work together to achieve.

Each private dance lesson is 45 minutes in length. While every student is unique, we find that 10 private lessons provide the most significant benefits. 

Schedule Private Dance Lessons Near Me

Ready to take your dancing skills to the next level? Scheduling one-on-one dance lessons with IMAGE BALLROOM DANCE ACADEMY is easy. 

We offer single sessions as well as packages of 5 and 10 private lessons. 

Contact us today to book a private session. 

Shy About Dancing in Front of Others or a Crowd?

We know that dance lessons are, for some people, a private moment where they lack confidence and don’t want others watching their every move.

Our private dance lesson policy is simple:

  • We accommodate up to two students at a time

  • No spectators are allowed – we want your focus to be on dancing

Private Dance Services

Private Dance Lessons
Single Private Lesson

Enjoy a private dance lesson one on one with the instructor.  Each session is 45 minutes in length and can accommodate up to 2 clients.  Please contact us to book the session.

Ballroom Dance Lessons Gift Card and Certificate Dallas
Gift Certificate

Give the gift of dance to somebody you love. Experiences last forever and don't go out of style.

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