What should a first dance look like? What should it feel like? When does the first dance happen during the reception? When we don’t have enough experience with a topic, it’s very normal to take to the internet to see what others have done before us. We are here to help and give you some guidance in your first wedding dance preparation.

1.Choose a song that is meaningful to both of you

There are many occasions that we can use the internet for inspiration and copying some ideas from what other people have done but your first dance shouldn't be one of them. At Image Ballroom Dance Academy we believe that each couple is very unique and special and we encourage our students in choosing passionately their first dance song. Pick a song that shows both of your personalities and your guests will more likely connect with a moment that feels unique to you.

2.Enter like a star

How you start your dance sets up the tone for the rest of it. Make a plan on how you enter and where you want to start so you don't look awkward and feeling lost when you have all your gusts pin their eyes on you. Communicate with your band or DJ so they are in it with you and they know what signal to wait for and when you are ready to start so they don't surprise you. Don't forget to decide ahed of time how are you going to hold each other when actually dancing so your first dance doesn't turn in to a wrestling battle. We recommend a basic dance frame like in the picture bellow.