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Avoid this 5 things during your first dance

Updated: Feb 13

#1 Dance too long

Your family and friends love you but even they don't want to see you dance for 10 minutes. Try to keep your first wedding dance between 2-3 minute. We find that that's the sweet spot for most people where you still keep your guests excited and finish on a high. Even for professional dancers it's hard to keep the attention while performing for more than 2 minutes. If the song you've chosen is too long you can always ask the DJ to fade away the music if you are not using a pre-cut version.

#2 Getting too tipsy and forgetting everything

We get it, it's nerve racking and you want to take a shot or two before your dance performance. It might sounds like a good idea but keep in mind that alcohol will influence your balance and memory and it can decrease the quality of your first wedding dance and even make it dangerous if you are doing intricate lifts or dips.

Keep in mind that you've chosen a song that is special for both of you and to the rest of your life you will remember every time you hear it on the radio. Your first wedding dance also sets up the tone for your future together since it's one of the first things you will do as newly married couple so you don't want to ruin the moment.

#3 Look down the entire dance

We know that you are being focused on the getting the steps right and not stepping over each other but keep in mind that at this moment you are a performer and you need to think as one. You want to appear confident with a great posture smiling at each other. One thing to take in consideration to avoid this is to start taking some private dance lessons few months ahead of time to prepare and be rehearsed well so you don't have to think about the choreography.

#4 Prom night Sway

Make your first dance an exciting start of your life together. Don't do the easy way out and embarrass yourself doing a sway left to right. Even if it is one or two basic steps that you learn and repeat over and over again your gusts will appreciate the fact that you've tried something new. You will be surprised how little it takes for most people to be super impressed by such a small gesture. So go online and find a reputable ballroom dance studio with qualified instructors who can take that pressure away and teach you the basic dance steps.

#5 Attempt too much

Doing fancy moves and complicated lifts may sound as a good idea at first but keep

in mind that you will be nervous and you are not a professional dancer who knows how to handle themselves under pressure. Unless you change your wedding dress and suite sometimes the moves you've tried at the studio wearing your comfy gym clothes might surprise you when you can't stretch to do that complicated move that you worked so hard on. So do yourself a favor and talk work with your instructor on few moves that are impressive and yet easy to do or keep may be one or two fancy moves that you've tried ahead of time and you know what to expect when performing in front of your guests.

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