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Have you ever thought about getting in shape though signing up for some ballroom dance classes? Dancing is not only an art but also a great way to exercise and lose weight. Do you find that you always start dancing when you hear your favorite song on the radio? That probably means that you have a secret dancer somewhere inside of you.

The madness of losing weight has began to drive some of us to become quite obsessive with getting in shape. Many conventional and unconventional new ideas have been entertained when we talk about different ways of losing weight. There are many diets and programs out there promising great results. We are all unique and each person has different body type. In the end losing weight is not trying about whatever new comes up. The best is finding out what suits your body the best and sticking to it.

Focus on more muscles in less time

Dance classes don't always seem like a form of exercise, but even a slow ballroom dance can help with your waistline. Usually a high intensity weight training will focus only on one primary muscle group for a few moments, but dance targets a wide variety of body parts in a shorter amount of time. That was you don't need to remember which day is an abs day or arm day — every day is leg day, arm day, and even abs day during ballroom dance lessons!

Create a dance routine

Any type of exercise done on regular basis will help you lose weight.One thing you need to remember is that results will appear after repetedly doing the same exercises after extended periods of time and keeping your workout effective. While dancing, you are in control of the resistance of your movements, which allows you to improve at your speed. Once certain moves become comfortable, you’ll likely to find yourself putting more energy into the motion or wanting to challenge yourself with something more difficult.

Some recent research discovered that , ballroom dancing is not only good way to get in shape but it also helps other aspects of your life like improving your mental, social, and emotional health. A high intensity dance class at a ballroom dance studio can certainly help you burn more calories in less time than activities like running or weight lifting, but it can also improve your memory and reduce stress.

Time flies when Ballroom Dancing

An hour at the gym might sound like a lot, but an hour in a ballroom dance class will be over before you know it! A dance class will make you sweat but it will also keep your mind constantly engaged and your body constantly moving, twisting and shaping for over an hour. If you’re struggling to master a dance move, simply move on to the next one or get a space up front and watch the teacher to follow along.

Keep your diet in check

While ballroom dancing and expecting some weight loss, one must keep in mind not to overeat. Most people think that if they are doing a high intensity physical activity, they don’t need to keep track on their calorie intake because they are anyway burning more calories. But this is not true. If you want to see a change in your weight, you have to watch what you eat. Some good ideas to keep in mind are:

  1. Passing on processed, high-calorie, low-nutrition foods, like candy, cookies, chips, etc.

  2. Slimming down your portion sizes so you’re truly eating just one portion of whatever food is on your plate

So how many calories you actually burn while dancing?

The number of calories burned will depend on your weight and the intensity and style of dance. For example if you do about an hour of slow ballroom dancing you will burn somewhere around 200 calories. That means doing Waltz, Foxtrot or Rumba. The fast dances like Quickstep, Jive, Cha Cha or Samba will increase that number up to 368 calories per hour. If you are a competitive ballroom dancer that number can even jump up to 755 calories.

No previous dance experience required — just an open mind, a desire to have lots of fun, and the passion to move your body like a pro!

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