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Have you ever thought about getting in shape though signing up for some ballroom dance classes? Dancing is not only an art but also a great way to exercise and lose weight. Do you find that you always start dancing when you hear your favorite song on the radio? That probably means that you have a secret dancer somewhere inside of you.

The madness of losing weight has began to drive some of us to become quite obsessive with getting in shape. Many conventional and unconventional new ideas have been entertained when we talk about different ways of losing weight. There are many diets and programs out there promising great results. We are all unique and each person has different body type. In the end losing weight is not trying about whatever new comes up. The best is finding out what suits your body the best and sticking to it.

Focus on more muscles in less time

Dance classes don't always seem like a form of exercise, but even a slow ballroom dance can help with your waistline. Usually a high intensity weight training will focus only on one primary muscle group for a few moments, but dance targets a wide variety of body parts in a shorter amount of time. That was you don't need to remember which day is an abs day or arm day — every day is leg day, arm day, and even abs day during ballroom dance lessons!

Create a dance routine