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Updated: Oct 20, 2020

"I don't know how to dance and it looks goofy if I try” No one is expecting you to be a professional or even be any good. It’s all about having a great time. Remember that you do it for yourself and to have fun and not to entertain others.

Why are most women attracted to a man who can dance well?

Visit any dance floor. There's a shortage of leads and plenty of follows. Guess why? Many men do not enjoy dancing or at least that’s what they say. The truth is that everybody likes dancing, some more some less but not everybody feels brave enough to admit it and do it in front of other people.

Do you have to be a great dancer in order for women to feel attracted to you?

Most ladies like when a man can dance but just because this excites them does not mean that you have to be great at it ,it's okay even if you are not. Women are very forgiving; it’s in their nature. Getting up onto the dance floor even when not in the best form is still better than hanging by the bar. When asked, women would prefer a guy to “get out there and try”, it shows that he’s “not afraid” and “down for anything”. There are many other things which women find attractive in our opinion like personality without which your good looks and dance moves will fade away. The point here is that for just making the effort most of the time will be enough to make your date smile and even fall in love.

Do you need to take ballroom dance classes?