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Father-Daughter Dance

The Father-Daughter dance is a staple for many weddings. It is very similar to the Mother-Son dance and usually one if followed by the other. Both dances are a representation of gratitude towards the person who helped guide you trough tough times and gave you direction in life. The Father- Daughter dance is a sweet moment of family connection where the daughter shows gratitude to her father as she enters a new phase in her life.

The meaning of Father-Daughter dance

Nowadays you you will notice that the father-daughter dance is taking place right after the newlywed’s first dance. That wasn’t always the case. The tradition was that before the father gives his daughter away he will demand one last dance with her before giving her away. Only then the bride and groom will have their fist dance together. Cultures kept evolving and thats no longer the case as you may notice nowadays.

If you don't want to have it after the first dance, another good time to squeeze it in is following the toasts and before the cake cutting. In the end of the day keep in mind that traditions are great but its your wedding and you can do whatever you wish to make it feel special and personal. Whether you decide to stick to the traditions or not the choice is yours. The message you want to begin as a couple should be your truth and sticking to that truth will help you decide what is valuable in life.


Should we choreograph the dance?

If you're dancing to a more upbeat song, it might not be a bad idea. If you're sticking to a traditional slow dance though, it might not be necessary, but you might want to consider couple of dance lessons in order not to look like doing the hight school sway.

How long should the dance last?

It can last as long as the song does, though some people recommend playing a shortened version rather than the full one, given the fact that guest's attention spans tend to wane.

We always recommend considering a shorter version rather than the full length unless your song is under 2 minutes. Keep in mind that nowadays people’s attention spans are very short and it’s very hard to keep their attention for too long even if they are your family and friends.

Modern Traditions

Two families become one and while the newlyweds have their first dance the bride and groom's parents dance alongside them. This unique twist presented the feeling of family and unity, compared to the old tradition. Instead of a father giving his daughter away, the two families became one. Sometimes the bride might choose to dance with her mother, another family member, or someone else who played an important role in their lives growing up due to the fact that they don’t have a relationship with their father or they may no longer be in their lives.

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