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Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Blackpool Dance Festival

The Blackpool Dance Festival is the most popular annual ballroom dance competition in the world. what really makes it stand out is that contestants from all over the world are coming here. It’s held in the Empress Ballroom at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool. Thousands of couples from more than 60 countries are coming to compete here and it really stands out as one of the major competitions out there.

“Attending the event is a spectacle on its own, and you will appreciate and enjoy every moment for sure. That’s because everything there is full of style, excitement and it really showcases the true value that such an event can bring to people again and again.”

An interesting tradition is that the festival is always held annually during the last week of May. It has been like that since 1920. Included in this festival you can find the Latin American and Ballroom Dancing, you have the British Open Championships in professional couples or adult amateur couples, but they are also covering formation teams too. Starting with 2005 they also brought in the Latin Competitions and the British Rising Star Amateur Ballroom event too.

who invented the festival?