solo dance lessons

One on one dance classes are personal 45 minute sessions with your instructor, bringing one-one-one attention to your dancing needs.  You may choose to take these sessions on your own, or participate as a couple.  Private lessons have been found to be the most effective way of learning to dance, where students show a rapid improvement of their skills.  During the personal attention, the instructor is able to address any problem areas immediately, as well as develop a tailored plan of learning based on the individual's needs, skills and goals. 


For those with a restricted availability and a hectic schedule, private lessons offer a flexible way of finding time to dance.  Our professionals are available 7 days a week, so that any schedule can be accommodated. 

Do you thrive in competitions? Or would like to challenge yourself?  We do.  Our talented instructors compete on the professional circuit all throughout the world, facing the best ballroom couples the industry has to offer.  


Now, there is a way for professionals to compete with their students against other couples in the same categories.  Similar to a showcase preparation, the instructor becomes your partner for the competition.  After developing numerous dances and choosing your style for grooming, you have the opportunity to travel to exotic destinations such as Hawaii, Caribbean islands, Europe and many more places all over the world where pro/am competitions are held.  


Immerse yourself in the world of glamour, while challenging your mind, body and spirit. 

student competitions

pro-am showcases

​​Love watching Dancing With The Stars?  Well, here's your opportunity to be the celebrity.  At IMAGE BALLROOM DANCE ACADEMY, one of our instructors becomes your personal partner, who develops a professional, original choreography filled with costume ideas, music and theme, just for you. After a thorough process of rehearsals one-on-one, you will then participate in a showcase hosted by IMAGE BALLROOM DANCE ACADEMY.  Events at our academy are extremely popular among the Dallas dance community, therefore you get to perform in front of an enthusiastic and educated audience. 


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