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How to practice like a Pro

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

What separates amateur dancer from professionals?
How to practice like a professional

Productivity efficiency routine

Do you feel stuck in your practice? Feeling confused or frustrated with a new dance move? Here is how professional dancers deal with new skills. Create a productivity routine for each practice. Productivity efficiency routine is what gets more done and what makes Professional dancers become the most productive with their time. The way it works is that you create constraints.

Creating constrains

So the goal is by giving yourself constrains to increase the effectiveness per unit of time you spend at the studio. So rather than creating a to do list for yourself, create how long something will take you and then place things you want to achieve in sequence over the next 4 months of preparation so you can get more done.

And when you have that line of events lined up and the finish line comes up, you can measure how many boxes you’ve checked ending up having a clear and scalable measurable of what needs to be improved for the next time. Because we all know that everything that’s been measured can be scaled and improved.

How to prepare for a ballroom dance competition

A lot of dancers have a general idea of “how to prepare for a dance competition”, starting usually few months ahead of time. In the beginning it is all exciting and we all make good progress. And then one day we just feel stuck. Trough our experience as competitors with over 300 dance competitions behind our back we have found that the period to get in competitive shape for a ballroom dance competition for a dancer is roughly about 4 months (120 days). And Instead of the week before the competition to usually stress out realizing you have to increase your input because you fell behind on your goals, practice more, do stamina rounds and end up stressed out and overwhelmed or injured, we recommend that you put constraint and you give yourself a task for each practice you will 120x your productivity.

Ballroom dancing
Pro-Am Showcase Performance Image Ballroom Dallas Texas

What is the best time to sign up for a competition

The answer is never. There’s never going to be the perfect time or an ideal scenario where everything goes in line with our expectations. And if you hear the voice in your head going “Now it’s not a good time to do this thing so I will wait until later when things get easier.”

Lets be real

Let’s be real- there’s always going to be another thing that’s going to come up. That’s the nature of adult life. Because now it’s work, then it’s Christmas, then it’s Easter, then it’s your Summer vacation. In the end of the day it doesn’t really matter because the thing is, the harder the season that you are about to enter, the more realistic it is that if we get you through that you’ll be able to encounter the next one. Because if you only can get it done in a perfect season we already know that you are not going to be successful and it’s not going to last for the long run. If you want to make this change sustainable and you want to become the dancer of your dreams, you have to start now and we have to go through the hardest period so that we know you are going to stick with it for good.

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