Group Ballroom Dance Class For Kids

Kids who Ballroom dance are smarter

For the longest time we hear about ballroom dance and all the health benefits of it, usually as physical exercise.  Some articles will be taking it further and discus the health benefits of dancing, such as stress reduction with its sense of well-being.

In this article we will be looking at ballroom dance from another angle and how frequent ballroom dancing makes kids smarter.

Kids at Ballroom Dance Competition

If you don’t use it you lose it.

When kids don’t exercise their brain , the cells die and synapses weaken. In one study by New England Journal of Medicine they researchers have tried to discover if there is any connection between physical or cognitive recreational activities and how they influence people mentaly .  The results of the discovery was really surprising to the scientists finding out that some activities had a significant beneficial effect and other activities had none. The researchers put to the test different activities such as reading, golfing, swimming and doing cross puzzles. They found out that dancing was the activity that surpassed all the others by improving cognitive skills by 76%. “Those who spent their lives trying different mental routes each time, creating a myriad of possible paths, still have several paths left. “

Youth Ballroom Dance Competition

So what is intelligence in ballroom dance?

Does an intelligent person knows it all and can answer any questions super fast? What is the essence of intelligence? The easiest way to look at it is making decisions fast rather than slow.  One recommendation, when it comes to improving kids mental acuity, is to engage them in activities which require split-second decision making, as opposed retracing the same well-worn thinking patterns, or just working on the physical appearance to improve posture or lose weight. How can we do a tricky isolation with our hips while also pulling off a perfect twist with our upper body and do the syncopated rhythm as we are partner dancing and performing the step to the audience? Dance is always asking us to do multiple things at once, making us great at making decisions fast.

Image Ballroom Dance Youth Program

So should your son or daughter ballroom dance?

Imagine that, a fun activity with a wealth of health benefits that keeps your kid in shape, makes them feel good and make them smarter. Ballroom dancing increases the way your brain functions in a positive way.

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