dance Membership

Dance membership is the most cost efficient way to get involved with dancing offering variety of benefits. Our current members enjoy the benefits of discounted rates for group dance classes, specialty dance workshops, unlimited practice time with a 24 hour studio access, showcase dance opportunities and free dance competition registration.


We offer two different rates for Adult Dance Membership and Kids Dance Membership. No matter your dance goals either Social Dancing or Competitive Dancing if you want to become good you simply need more practice time. Get involved now with our program and start making the difference in you dancing.

That being said, a lot of people restrict themselves to practice only under the supervision of a dance instructor.  That’s not something which will work very well for you if you want to become independent sophisticated dancer. In fact the thing to keep in mind is that you want all the experience you can getting order to become a good dancer including all the floor time you can get at the dance studio practicing by yourself.

If you are very passionate about trying out new things and you also want to have a healthier body and more relaxed mind, then ballroom dancing will help you a lot.

To take a look at our current class schedule and start your dance journey.

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